Why Future Focus, LLC

  • Why should we use Future Focus services when we already have recruiters in our HR department?

Statistics show 15% of the HR department functions is recruiting. Adding Future Focus search and recruitment services to your hiring strategy will add the specialists needed to strengthen the existing process and fine-tune the search for a business critical or hard-to-fill position. Finding the right candidate is a full time job. Our services may not be the right choice for every company, but we have found many corporate recruitment teams welcome our collaboration because we enhance their efforts and work with them to ensure the best possible outcome for their business.


  • Why should we pay to receive resumes when we can just put an ad on Monster?

It’s true. You can catch resumes by posting on many of the job boards and social networks in the marketplace, but the signal to noise ratio is incredible. Our clients work with us because we specialize in locating the extraordinary, hard to reach or passive candidates that will not be posting their documentation for everyone to see. Potential candidates are vetted using a series of interviews, personality and cognitive assessments to establish whether their profile maps to the specific criteria established for each client.


  • How long does the search and placement process take for a typical set of requirements?

In our experience, the entire process… from completing our profile of your company and your specific needs, to customizing a search, locating suitable candidates, Wonderlic assessments and developing the summary evaluation reports…takes approximately one month for a professional position. Some searches are completed more quickly, but end-to-end, the process is likely to take approximately a month.


  • Why do you use independent assessments for your candidates?

The Wonderlic and Ramsay assessments are tools to help organizations identify and match candidates whose characteristics and abilities are most aligned with the demands of the job. By leveraging our unique experience and training, these tools are used to identify the relationship between knowledge, cultural fit... and future performance. And improving employee satisfaction and productivity is highly correlative to reducing turnover and reducing cost.


  • How and what does Future Focus charge for your services?

We have client programs based on contingency fees, retained searches and retained managed services, with fees based on the annual salary of the hire. We guarantee the results and sustainability of each candidate hired.


  • What is your specialty at Future Focus? Does Future Focus specialize in certain positions or particular job fields?

We specialize in professional and executive placement, including C-Level openings. We consistently place candidates in various market segments, at all levels of engagement, from Field Engineers, Software Architects and Financial Managers to CFOs, Senior Directors and V-Level Sales and Marketing professionals. Our specialty is recruiting through client integration…understanding your company culture and skill requirements, finding the best fit for your specific requirements. In the unlikely instance where we feel our professional network and research capability does not strongly support your requirements, we would communicate that during our initial exploration with you.


“As an employer of field service personnel, we were having a difficult time finding candidates that were capable of fulfilling the demands of active travel, and had the knowledge to handle complex capital goods service. Future Focus approached the problem differently than other recruiting agencies by developing a program specific to our needs. ”


Tim Saur, COO Durst Phototechnik
AG North America