Our Process

It's like looking for a needle... in a needle stack. Let’s face it...you aren’t looking for 20 average resumes. You’re looking for two or three exceptional people to evaluate within the specific context of your company needs, with your management team.

Because each search is unique, and each company has a specific set of criteria that defines a successful hire, we customize our search, and typically spend many hours assessing your company needs, searching for hard-to-reach candidates, interviewing and testing them... before you ever see a resume.

Our unique screening process includes cognitive testing, personality profiles, background checks, reference checks, compensation requirements, and more.

The outcome of this proven process is... we deliver the ideal candidate for the position as well as taking critical steps to mitigate the risks involved in making a new hire for your company.

“The combination of testing and rigorous screening process has resulted in finding and hiring the ideal candidate on the first attempt, and has allowed us to focus on our core business rather than dealing with employee issues due to hiring mistakes. While other recruiting firms will tell you what you want to hear and promise access to the best candidates, Future Focus has actually delivered for Durst where other recruiters have failed. ”


Tim Saur, COO Durst Phototechnik
AG North America